Facebook’s Business Manager: Useful?

When I heard Facebook introduced a new tool for managers of pages, I excitedly signed up and started using it for my district’s page.

I quickly learned that all the new whiz-bang features actually target folks who frequently advertise on Facebook. Since we rarely do this in my district, it just became another step to accessing our page insights, which we use regularly.

My verdict on this tool for school PR: meh. Unless you’re using ads.

If you don’t believe me, you just want to see for yourself, or you advertise a lot, check it out: https://business.facebook.com.


5 Replies to “Facebook’s Business Manager: Useful?”

  1. Right on target. We are doing advertising and do have multiple people using the FB page. We’ve struggled with it too. After a long “chat” with FB, we finally got our account disconnected from it. It made it more difficult to do post and to use in the app.

    1. So it’s been a while since this blog post — do either of you find Business Manager useful now? I’m hesitant, but I want to use the ads account associated within my Business Manager account to boost posts. I’m worried switching my pages to the Business Manager will make it more steps to manage the pages.

      1. I haven’t tried again since this time, when I found exactly the problem you describe. If you go ahead and try it, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts!

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