Using social media, collaboration tools to streamline communication


How many times have we copied and pasted the same reply email to multiple parents or staff? What about the same comment on social media? Even if we post the information everywhere possible, someone still has a question.

We know the typicals with any given situation, weather particularly: “When will you let us know if school is delayed or canceled?” “Does that mean after school activities are canceled?” “When will my child’s bus pick up if we are on a delay?” “I didn’t receive a call. Is school on today?”

Now is an ideal time to audit your communication resources and refresh or even document them. Take some time to outline the responses you repeat over and over in your district and save them. My staff shares a google doc with an extensive list of responses, information and communication for a variety of instances. In addition, Facebook has updated messaging to allow for saved responses — cutting down on the amount of time we spend communicating the answer to the same question sent from multiple people.

Then, when the time comes, our web and social media posts, including our responses, can be quick, consistent and accurate: the ideal communication for all of us!

4 Replies to “Using social media, collaboration tools to streamline communication”

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you found the book helpful! I appreciate your insight here and would love to see copies of your Google Docs if you’re willing to share. I’m working toward greater documentation for myself and would love to see what you’ve developed.

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