Gaining a New Perspective

The task of telling your school or system’s story can be a daunting challenge—especially if you are a one-person shop. But just because only one person has the job title doesn’t mean you can’t recruit others to help. Look among your administrators and teachers who are already active on social media and get them in the game too!

These employees can help personify your organization by sharing their perspective. And let’s face it: sometimes it takes someone who knows what they are looking for to tell the story a professional PR practitioner can’t. For instance, if you came to school PR from either a news or public relations background, you might look at a classroom setting and miss what is jumping out at a teacher.

Take a look at the photo featured in this tweet from Terry Roller, director of high school education for the Tuscaloosa (Ala.) City Schools:

My background as a news reporter would have made me miss the story, but @tuscaloosahsdir didn’t. With 99 characters and a photo, he provided context for followers.

Before you start sending DMs to anyone with the same email domain as you, consider these points:

  • Find folks who have a comfort and a familiarity with the social channel
  • Enlist people who are subject-matter experts in your school or district
  • Train them in the social media strategy you are using
  • Encourage the use of photos, video and commentary to explain what the viewer is seeing and why it’s important
  • Use hashtags to connect what they see to the district’s and school’s message

By changing your perspective on who is responsible for positive PR, you can expand your idea of just how big your department really is and provide a different perspective for you and your stakeholders.

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About Lesley Bruinton, APR

Lesley Bruinton can usually be found brainstorming and selling a big idea, much to the chagrin of those around her who know it will be a lot of work, but a lot of fun! Her ideas come as quickly as her rapid-fire typing skills. Bruinton is a nationally award-winning, Accredited in Public Relations practitioner with more than a decade of experience in both television journalism and public relations. She is presently the Public Relations Coordinator for the Tuscaloosa (Alabama) City Schools, serving more that 10,000 students in grades Pre-K through 12. She is currently the Alabama School Public Relations Association​ president. Honors include being named a 2014 NSPRA "35 Under 35" (which she just crept in under the wire), a 2015 NSPRA Frontrunner for the Southeast region and a 2016 NSPRA Gold Medallion recipient.

2 thoughts on “Gaining a New Perspective

  1. Great perspective. This is the greatest reason to empower school district employees of every variety to use social media for work. Sharing content makes my job easier – and our content so much better!

  2. Thanks! It took me reviewing content one day when this concept had me rethinking how I do my job! Instead of lamenting, I was leveraging the work of others. Some days, this is a welcomed revelation!

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