Engage Your Audience and Grow Your Following During Snow Days

What would you do if you knew that thousands of people were simultaneously watching your social media accounts waiting to see just two simple words, “snow day”?

Like so many school districts, when there is a possibility of snow, parents and students take to our social media accounts knowing that we will announce a snow day there first. So, if you knew there were going to be so many people looking at your social media all at one time, what would you do? The answer should be ENGAGE THEM!

On our most recent snow day, we added more than 700 new followers across our district and superintendent social media channels, and our engagement was six times our normal rate.

  • If your superintendent is on social media, have him or her engage in the conversation (before, during and after) and let them make the first official announcement.
    • If your superintendent is new to Twitter, like ours, have them follow other superintendents to see how they engage with students and parents.
  • Retweet and share the “official” announcement in various places.
    • Our superintendent sends the first “official” announcement. We share this message, as well as an official message from the district page.
    • Do you have community pages? Share on these.
  • Run a contest
    • Who can provide the best reason to have a snow day?
    • Who can build the best snow man?
  • Engage with media outlets and local city officials.
    • Retweet your closing announcements from media outlets.
    • Thank city crews (tag the public works department or official city account) for working so hard to keep the streets clean.
    • Share pictures of your school district grounds crew working to clear parking lots and sidewalks.

What other tips do you have for engaging your audience during snow days? Feel free to post them in the comments.

3 Replies to “Engage Your Audience and Grow Your Following During Snow Days”

  1. I totally agree, Kala! Snow days are the best time for engagement. We prefer to tweet the official word from the official district account, but I’ll be using some of your ideas the next time it snows!

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