Won’t you be my neighbor?

How can you expand the reach of your Facebook posts to different demographics than your current fan base? It’s easy with a little help from your friends!

My school district page reaches mostly women 25 to 54, mothers and staff members. However, by connecting with other local pages, I am able to spread our school district message to other groups in our community – more men, empty nesters and seniors.

In a small town, this happens naturally. Frequently I see my district posts shared by several other community pages:

  • Meanwhile in Gladstone: Run by a local retiree, this page frequently shares school posts.
  • Downtown Gladstone: Run by a local coffee shop owner who has invited me to be a co-editor of her page
  • Gladstone Historical Society: This page draws a mostly senior audience that is less connected to schools.
  • Gladiator Sports: Run by a local sports buff, this page features news about both school teams and youth leagues. Because it reaches a targeted audience, it’s a great place to post when we have a change in the athletic schedule or an important playoff game. Also, it provides a way to engage more men.

As an involved community member, I run the Facebook pages for both the Rotary Club and The Gladstone Community Festival. This gives me the opportunity to cross-pollinate messages with different audiences as appropriate.

As the operator of multiple pages, remember to have each of the pages you run like the content on the others’. As a result of doing this a few times each week, all three pages I run have increased their fan base substantially.

Just remember to keep your cross-page liking and sharing audience-appropriate. For example, on the sports page, stick to sharing sports stories, but sneak in some news lauding the achievements of scholar-athletes so they see the academic benefits schools bring to local athletes. For the historical society, try a then-and-now post highlighting the changes in schools over time.

Be sure to do your neighbor pages a favor by liking and sharing their posts appropriate to your audience. This encourages them to return the favor.

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