Anyone Surprised?

AP StyleIn a move widely expected, the AP Stylebook has announced that, as of June 1, the 2016 Stylebook will lowercase internet and web. How does this affect you? That all depends on whether your district follows AP Style, Chicago Manual of Style or any other style guide at all.

Choosing and adopting a style guide for your district’s publications, websites, social media channels and other communications activities will make your job easier:

  • You can justify why and how you edit other’s submissions.
  • If you have colleagues helping you out, they will have a reference point when they are creating or editing material.
  • The number of emails you receive suggesting you spelled something incorrectly will diminish.
  • A guide will give you a consistent resource so you don’t have to remember which way you chose to spell a word.

Once you’ve chosen a style guide, be sure to stay up-to-date with it and use the latest version. Things do change (even those rules you learned the hard way in J school) and who wants to get “e-mail” from “Webmasters” about your “Internet” gaffes?


2 Replies to “Anyone Surprised?”

  1. Ken, there’s not a publication that goes by here where I don’t have to say, “that’s AP Style.” I love the web version of the stylebook because I can access it anywhere, search it and I get updates to keep me in the loop about the internet, web and email!

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