How the Latest Facebook Tweak Affects Your District

Facebook’s hacker culture means constant changes.

The algorithm the site uses to decide which content rises to the top of your news feed is getting one of those changes.

Up to now, the main factors that decided whether your school district’s posts got lots of eyeballs included

  • How many people already liked it or commented on it
  • Whether it includes a photo
  • Whether it includes a video uploaded to Facebook’s player

Now, content that people spend a lot of time reading will also rise to the top, even if your page users don’t click on a reaction button or comment.

So your article about your school board’s big decision might get a lot of attention, even if it doesn’t inspire a lot of reaction.

In the same announcement, Facebook’s wizards said they will “also be making an update to reduce how often people see several posts in a row from the same source in their news feed.”

So if you’re posting a lot of content on your district page at once, chances are that some of it could get lost in the shuffle.

6 Replies to “How the Latest Facebook Tweak Affects Your District”

  1. Very timely, Nicole… we are working on how to improve our Facebook efforts and this will be helpful. Thanks.

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