Stay connected during our blog break

Our “Social School PR” blog is going on a summer hiatus!

For the rest of the summer and the first part of the fall, we will not post anything new here. We look forward to engaging with you when we return mid-fall!

In the meantime, here are a few great resources:


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School’s out, so get schooled up!

The class of 2016 graduated. Our classrooms are empty. Now that the school year ended, it’s our turn to learn! Summer is the perfect time to add some new social media skills to your toolkit.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few goals from my list:

Start making infographics:
Why? Images double your Facebook likes and boost your online traffic by 12 percent. And a whopping 87 percent will read your infographic text. Here are a few free tools to make it easy: Some handy tips for infographic use on social media can be found here:

• Practice live-streaming video on Facebook:
Celebrities are doing it. Now you can, too! But before you go live this fall, you’ll want to practice. Here’s how to launch:

• Organize your YouTube channel:
If you’ve been in a frenzy of video production all year, summer is the perfect time to organize your channel and work up a promotional blurb for fall. Here’s a quick how-to video:

Need help getting started? Head to Chicago July 17-20 for the NSPRA Seminar! There you’ll find a mind-blowing array of over 70 workshops, action labs and presentations by some of the best school PR professionals in the business. Find out more:

NSPRA sessions include:

Infographics & Other Cool Tools: Using Visual Content to Inform and Engage
Back from the Twitterverse: Community Engagement through Conversations
Harnessing Technology to Engage a Diverse Community
Why Video Content is King and How to Do It Yourself
Grandma’s on Facebook: Engaging Seniors to Support Public Schools
The One Day Campaign: Building Successful Twitter Engagement
Telling Your District Story: Repeating, Repurposing, Retweeting