Facebook algorithm changes could affect your reach

After years of pushing page content and filling our news feeds with content from area businesses, pages we’ve liked and advertising based on our searches, Facebook has made yet another change. This summer the company announced they have refocused our newsfeeds back to our friends and family – which means your page content might not be so readily available for your audience.

In our district, we’ve seen a considerable drop in analytics concerning our reach and interaction with our audience. Since we follow a set schedule for posts and have gone deep in content curation, I’m pretty sure that drop is not related to us or our information. Don’t take this as a reflection on you or your department, but recognize you need to take steps to address it.

We could boost up our paid posts (we spend a few hundred dollars a year on specific content shares), but given that the changes are focused on friends and family in our news feeds, I’m not certain that will help us. So how do we fix it? Here are a few tips that might assist you in overcoming this change!

  1. Content sharing. You can see who engages with your page. Reach out to them. Build a relationship. Have them share your content so their friends and family can see it.
  2. Marketing. Remind parents to look for information on your page. Include a blurb in your newsletters, on your website or anywhere else you have an audience.
  3. Cross-platform promotion. Link content on your other social media feeds. A link on Twitter or a fun graphic on Instagram to remind your audience where they can get deeper info is always helpful.
  4. Be relevant. Continue to post content that is relevant to you, your organization and your audience. When your audience knows they can find the information they want and need, they will navigate to your pages on their own.

Have you seen a dip in your reach? What ways are you rebuilding engagement with social media?

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