Write the Right

Social media is all about technology. Ultimately though, it's the words and messages that really make the difference. To that end, here's some information that caught me by surprise that I think you'll find interesting. Words often look alike but have different meanings. Sound alike but have different spellings. Or look the same but sound …


Social Media Campaigns for Employee Recognition and Engagement

One reason school districts have embraced social media is the opportunity it gives to connect with our various stakeholders, most notably parents and community leaders. However, there is an often-overlooked stakeholder group that doesn't get the attention it deserves, even though it is considered to be the most important group of all - our employees! …

Top Tools for Twitter Chats

Whether you're hosting a Twitter chat for your district, or joining a conversation for your own professional development, there are tools that will do the job much better than the Twitter website or app. Here is a list of the best Twitter chat tools out there.