Using video to optimize your Facebook reach

Video is king of social media. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Even amidst the constant fluctuation of Facebook algorithm changes, video remains a huge part of Facebook. The average video post on our Parkway Schools Facebook page reaches four times more people on average than a post with a photo and eight times more on average than a post containing a link.

Rather than try to beat the game, just make awesome stuff! Post as much video content as you can. If you don’t think you can do it because you lack the equipment or expertise, consider this: the majority of content can be done with a tool you carry with you every day – your phone. Some of my favorite apps to edit video on my phone are iMovie and GoPro’s Splice. If you have an Android phone, Videoshop is a terrific tool.

Here are some tips on what type of content works best:

Interviewing kids:
Seems obvious right? But anytime you put a camera in front of a few students and ask a simple question, they often say some of the most funny, smart and genuine things you could imagine.

Spin on what’s hot:
Seen the #MannequinChallenge? Maybe the Tasty videos? Keep updated on the latest trends and create something similar that ties in to your district in a unique way.

Kindness counts:
Feel-good, emotional stories usually do very well on social media. Did students open up a food pantry, donate time or have a special friendship? Those stories tug heartstrings.

Have fun! We have terrific kids among us who do amazing things every day. Hollywood studios would love to have what we have. Go capture those moments!


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