How to add captions to your Facebook videos

Last week’s blog post talked about the benefits and importance of captioning your videos on social media. This week, I’m going to show you how simple it is to implement in your Facebook videos.

Facebook recently rolled out the ability to automatically caption your videos, so it makes the process very simple.

Step 1: Upload your video, and after uploading and publishing, click ‘Generate’ under the Captions tab.

Facebook will automatically caption your video. It’s pretty great but there will likely be a few edits you’ll need to make as it’s not perfect.

Step 2: To edit the captions, click ‘Edit Captions.’ and you will see the ‘Review Captions’ screen.

Step 3: The review page shows the video on the left and captions on the right. You can see the timings as well as a play button to the right of each caption when you hover over. To edit, click in the text field and make your corrections.

Step 4: Click ‘Save to Video’ and then ‘Publish’. This will save your video with captions and publish your post (or schedule if you choose to schedule your post instead).

Here’s what the final video looks like:


You can also upload your own .SRT file if you choose. The great thing about using Facebook’s automatic caption tool is that not only will your videos be accessible to those who cannot hear or choose not to turn on the sound, but the captions will display in the language each Facebook user has set as their preferred language!

Learn more on how to caption and add text to your videos at my DIY Video 2.0 session at the NSPRA Seminar this July!

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