Having Fun with GIFs

GIFs have become common practice on personal and business social media pages. Is your district using them? They are a great way to engage your audience and have a little fun.

Social Media Examiner recently posted about how to make animated gifs. It is a fantastic resource for anyone new to GIF making.

With summer just around the corner for many school districts, here are some GIFs for my school PR friends.

When I think about how many days are left in the school year:clap

When I realize there are only 58 days till #NSPRASeminar2017:
giphy (1)

When I think about all the summer projects I need to complete:giphy (2)

When I think about back-to-school planning:
giphy (3)

When I think about that vacation I have been planning all year long:

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About Kala Morrissey

Kala Morrissey is the Coordinator of Marketing and Visual Information for Omaha Public Schools. She is currently the President of the Nebraska Chapter of NSPRA. Kala has presented at the local, state and national level on the role of social media in education. She was named to NSPRA's 35 under 35 list in 2012 and a NSPRA Front Runner in 2014-15.

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