On Facebook, Less May Be More

A recent blog post from the pros at Buffer confirmed for me what I had been suspecting for a year or two: post too much on Facebook, and your content will reach fewer people.

In a nutshell, Buffer decided to cut their Facebook posting frequency in half, and after six months their post reach more than tripled and their average daily engagements doubled. “When trying to fill the queue with content for the simple sake of posting and having a presence on Facebook, content tends to become diluted and lost in the news feed.”

Our success as communicators trying to get through on Facebook lives and dies by the news feed algorithm, and it is a difficult beast to please. Turns out, it only wants the crème de la crème.

Instead of throwing every piece of content on Facebook, Buffer staff realized they had to figure out what categories of content work best, and only post that, up to no more than two posts a day. The results, as I highlighted above, are impressive.

Although the folks at Buffer suggest that the most popular Facebook content can be categorized as either entertaining or educational (“Edu-tainment”), I intend to look at our school district and school page analytics and figure out which buckets of content have worked best for us.

Further, posting one or two times per day may not be what works for you. The bigger lesson to take away is to only post the best content from the categories that are proven to give you the highest engagement.

Time for some research and experimenting!

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About Delaina McCormack

I am currently a Communications Specialist with Alexandria City Public Schools in the metro Washington, D.C. area. I earned a degree in graphic design from Arizona State University and immediately began working with the Tempe Union High School District and later the Tempe Elementary School District, where my team earned an NSPRA Gold Medallion. On my third day of work I was introduced to the Arizona School Public Relations Association, where great folks like Gary Aungst, Jim Cummings and many others hooked me to the world of school PR, and it's been my passion ever since. Within my role I like to specialize in digital design, email coding, social media, website content, marketing and sometimes photography. I'm an unabashed geek, social media explorer and school PR advocate.

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