Changes to the Facebook newsfeed


We always take chances when using social media platforms because we know algorithms and rules change. When Facebook announces changes to the newsfeed, it could completely change what we might do.

Well, Facebook recently announced new guidelines for publishers on news feeds.

There are three guiding principles:

Principle 1: People on Facebook value content that’s meaningful and informative

Principle 2: People on Facebook value accurate, authentic content

Principle 3: People on Facebook value standards for safe, respectful behavior.

The good news is that these guidelines simply reinforce what many in our industry have been saying and doing all along. Sure, we know that video content is king and that going live equals high engagement. We know not to mislead our audience and that we should take steps in keeping our accounts safe.

But what Facebook tells us in these guidelines is that we should be focusing on telling the important and meaningful stories that our audience will find interesting. We need to focus on posting authentic stories that our audience responds to. And we need to follow guidelines to create environments that cultivate valuable digital citizens in today’s world.

Showing and telling these types of stories is what we should be all about.

Thanks for reading.


View the entire guidelines here:,

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