How can you possibly tweet daily? Here’s how.

DLZH0YyV4AAobIdThe great thing about school PR is that we are never at a loss for great content. There’s always something to showcase on a daily basis.

From a holistic stand point, educators are true content curators. Classrooms and school campuses are a treasure trove of engaging and valuable content for your audiences. So how can you take it to the next level and keep up with the demand for information and engaging school content? Here are just a few examples and methods that have worked in my schools. What has worked well for you? Please share in the comments!

  • Make social media a school-wide way of work! Encourage your staff to tweet from their accounts one (or multiple) positive moments from their classes per day for you to retweet from the main account. Before you know it, your notification tab will be bursting at the seams with awesome content to share with your online community.
  • Pick a theme to highlight each week. There are so many components that make up your school culture to showcase. Here are some examples:
    • Employees: Showcase dedicated teachers in the classrooms, your custodial staff who make sure campuses are ready for students, lunchroom staff who ensure kids have nutritious meals daily, school nurses, resource officers, crossing guards, and the list goes on!
    • Clubs and Programs: Make sure to promote clubs and programs that are unique to your school. For example, if you have a special club day, post photos and content about each club and what it offers to students.
    • Electives: For secondary schools, have an electives week where you showcase the work kids are doing in each elective class.
    • School Meals: Provide great photos of school lunch available to students each day.
    • Shout-Out for Community Partners: Show your partners (and potential partners) how much you appreciate their support by featuring their company and how they support your school and students. Make sure to tag them. That’s a guaranteed retweet or share!
    • Points of Pride: I love it when schools and districts brag on themselves. It’s a must in order for the rest of the world to know how truly amazing they are. Pick a Points of Pride Week and post at least one point to brag about each day. There may be so many you’ll have to spread it out over a few weeks.
  • Pick a tool that works for you: Leverage collaborative and free tools like Photo Circle. This app allows your team to share photos privately within the app. Staff can properly vet photos, post classroom successes and content, and include a blurb about the photos. Then the social media manager can post as she wishes. Just invite your staff members and they can upload away. This works great for administrators who still want full and exclusive control of their school’s social media, yet provides a platform for their team to contribute. The app also works great for yearbook creations!

Make no mistake, daily posting on social is a time commitment, but the rewards far out-weigh the cons. From my experience, it’s the candid and precious moments we capture by accident that seem to get the most organic engagement. While we try our best to be strategic and thoughtful, never lose sight of the miracles happening on campuses each day. Then use those moments to brighten or educate someone else. That’s what social media is all about!

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