Just breathe

As I sat in our family room on Christmas morning, I watched and listened to our three little girls unwrap gift after gift. I couldn’t help but see the excitement and joy in their eyes experiencing complete surprise as they unwrapped a new doll or art set. I needed to remind myself to stop and just breathe.

They’re also growing up, and growing up fast. Our oldest is already in second grade and it seems like just yesterday we strapped a GoPro on her for her first day of kindergarten. Our middle child is nearly in her final year of preschool and soon enough our youngest will be one year old. Just breathe.

Life happens. The whirlwind atmosphere of the holidays comes at you fast. It’s a microcosm of our life experience. The same goes for the school year. We’re already at the halfway point. How did that happen?

Year after year we watch these amazing kids in our schools grow from incoming kindergartners to accomplished graduates. We’re busy managing our social media presence, taking photos, writing newsletters, texting parents — doing our school pr thing and telling our district’s story. It all happens so fast and if you just go through the motions, you lose sight of the stories, the accomplishments and all the incredible things our kids do. You’ll wonder what happened.

So as we gear up for the second half of the school year, I want you to stop, if only for a moment, and just breathe.

breathe Derek

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