Find Your District’s Voice to Cut through the Clutter

When I see the social media feeds from districts like the Peel District School Board in Canada or Deerfield District 109 in Illinois, I think, “this is how you convey the district’s voice.”

This morning, my team and I heard Dr. Greta Perel (The Mindful Copywriter) speak at the Social Media Club of Kansas City.

We went to her session because we are hoping to step up our game in our social media accounts, making our content more fun for the people reading our words.

Dr. Perel had a lot of great ideas for how to deliver an organization’s voice, but she boiled it down to four elements:

  • Humor
  • Likeability
  • Curiosity
  • Small words

She told us we are all “lazy, selfish and distracted” when we consume content, so we need to write in a way that engages readers and cuts through the clutter.

Thanks to Dr. Perel, we have our road map for punching up our district’s social content. How do you shape the voice in your district’s social feeds?

4 Replies to “Find Your District’s Voice to Cut through the Clutter”

  1. I love this and so jealous you were able to attend that this morning, I wanted to go so badly. We are just starting to develop our social voice as well. It can be a tough line to walk.

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