The Social Media Revolution Can Be Televised!

It’s a simple concept: Show your community the innovative teaching and exclusive learning opportunities your school provides each day! We do this as a reassurance for parents trusting us with their most precious possession: their children. Social media is a powerful tool that does this every day in real time. If done right, it certainly provides for more substantive and content-rich car rides home and dinner table conversations between parents and students.

So why aren’t we all doing it? Fear? Lack of time? Maybe this will get you past the fear of what could go wrong.

The picture above is what happens when it goes great! Our social media revolution in Collier County, Florida, is now being televised. As our #tweetchers post fantastic content each day, the local news has quickly found this free, content-rich resource full of cuteness and they showcase it each night on the news.

They first ran it at 11 p.m., but our teachers asked to move it to 6 p.m. so our students could see themselves. The station moved it to 6 p.m. thanks to the power of #tweetcher lobbying!

We all want media placement that showcases our school districts in a positive light, right? Build your social media channels at the school and classroom levels and they will come! If you still doubt it works, follow us @collierschools on Twitter to see for yourself.

It really is that simple.

One Reply to “The Social Media Revolution Can Be Televised!”

  1. The great thing is, once social media engagement begins — even the smallest toe in the water — the fears are minimized because the rewards are FAR greater!

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