Social media, #ItTakesAPRo

It Takes APRo graphic
Recently, I conducted a Twitter poll to ask my school PR colleagues to weigh in on whether using social media, in the context of communication planning, is a strategy, a tactic or both. With 37 votes, 11 per cent said a strategy, 22 per cent said a tactic and 66 per cent said it was both.

The poll sparked a lively discussion from colleagues.

As a communication professional, knowing whether using social media is a tactic or a strategy and knowing when to use it are among the concepts and application of communications planning.

Each day, we’re tasked with leading the public relations function. We’re expected to have the knowledge, skills and abilities to move our organizations forward, connecting to a differentiated audience.

Reflect on these questions as you think about the stage in your career:

  • Can you conduct the necessary research to identify your audiences, goals and objectives?
  • Can you inform your superintendent about the best strategies and tactics to maximize outcomes?
  • Do you have the evaluation tools to measure the success of your communications efforts?

If you can answer these questions with confidence and have a minimum of five years’ experience in the profession, then you’re ready to pursue your accreditation in public relations.

Join Naomi Hunter and me in July at the NSPRA Seminar in Anaheim, California, for the pre-seminar workshop that prepares school PR colleagues for their APR journey.

We’ll reinforce the benefits of the four-step process (RPIE – research, planning, implementation and evaluation) and give you time to build your portfolio. We’ll discuss managing relationships, applying ethics and managing crisis communications, among other topics.

Start your journey with this course to fuel your growth. Make a commitment to yourself. Begin your professional development journey towards becoming accredited in Public Relations.

Social media is as easy as a quick post, but we all know it #TakesAPRo.

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