The rise of Instagram

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When Facebook rolled out changes to its newsfeed algorithm that made Page content less relevant in the feed, we noticed an overall decrease in performance on Facebook. Analytics show that reach and engagement are both down.

At the same time, we looked at our Instagram account, and while we have 15 times less followers, engagement is higher. Now that makes sense, because engagement should be higher when the audience is not as high. But it made us think, is this going to be a trend? Just last week The Verge reported that more than a third of all US adults use Instagram.

Our social media strategy has long been Facebook first, and that will likely remain the case. But there might be more potential with using Instagram. Our audiences are similar, yet skew a little younger than Facebook. Fifty-one percent of our Instagram followers are between the ages of 25 – 44.

We see an opportunity to get elementary schools, where parents are typically younger, on Instagram.

What about your district? Are you seeing a decrease in reach on your district Facebook page? Is your district on Instagram? Do you have schools on Instagram? Do you see this trend continuing?

Let me know in the comments!

7 Replies to “The rise of Instagram”

  1. Our middle schools have Instagram accounts but the district only has facebook and twitter. My conscience has been nagging me for months though and I am getting ready to set up a district Insta account. I am looking to follow great school district accounts…got any recommendations? Parkway, of course, but who else? I also am hoping there will be an NSPRA session or two on the nuances of communicating with Instagram.

  2. Derek – I have noticed the same. A pretty drastic decline in our Facebook reach. Disappointing, as I know so many of us used Facebook as our main social media source and worked to increase “likes” and engagement over the years. I believe there is a lot of potential on Instagram. For instance, a post I made last night only 10 likes on Facebook and 64 on Instagram. And that’s with only a fraction of the followers we have on Facebook. I have been using Instagram on the district level for a couple of years now. The account is

  3. Our Facebook has stayed about the same in reach, but the past three weeks we are seeing increased engagement from our Facebook fans. We will be reviewing our strategy and looking at our overall strategy.

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