Refine Your Social Strategies at #NSPRA2018

If you haven’t already signed up for the 2018 NSPRA seminar in Anaheim, Calif., you still have time.

There are several excellent sessions lined up, and I am even planning to present. But let’s focus on the sessions about social media, the subject of this blog.

On Sunday, there is a pre-seminar session with one of our blog contributors, Kristin Magette, APR, author of the book “Embracing Social Media.” I particularly recommend you check out her session if you can go to the seminar early, as she will take a strategic approach to this important subject. She previewed what she will cover in a recent blog post.


Here are all the sessions on social media at the seminar:

Strategic Leadership in the Social Media Age – Kristin Magette, APR

Social Media Infrastructure: Set Yourself Up For Success – Richard Franco
How to Survive a Social Media Fire: The Good, Bad and Ugly – Rick Kaufman, APR
Analyze Your Selfie: Developing a Customized Social Media Policy – Holly Holland and Shannon LaFargue, Ph.D.

Easy Ways to Up Your Social Media Game – Andrea Gribble and Melissa McConnell
The New Storytelling: How To Connect With Audiences Through Strategic Content and Fresh Tactics – Shane Haggerty, APR
SEO Matters: Staying Digitally Competitive in the Age of School Choice – Joshua Sauer

Social Media, Students, Staff & Success – Kendra Ward
In With the New, Out With the Old! Turn Your District News Blog into an E-newsletter to Share on Social Media – Evita Tapia-Gonzalez and Liliana Mota

One Reply to “Refine Your Social Strategies at #NSPRA2018”

  1. What a great line-up of sessions — every day of the seminar! I’m so excited to lead my workshop on Sunday! I’m even contemplating a ukulele performance during it, if I can get 25 people in the room…

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