Facebook changes everything again, but you don’t have to


As social media managers in our districts, it sometimes seems like we constantly fight with Facebook in order to create content that gets more likes, shares and comments. When you’re on Facebook, you have to play by their rules, and it could get frustrating when you aren’t sure how important Facebook views certain content for placement in the news feed.

Well, earlier this week, Facebook held it’s F8 conference, and VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri detailed a little of what makes up the news feed algorithm. You can watch the entire session here.

“The consistent feedback that we’ve been receiving over the last few years has been that people feel that the important moments and important conversations are sometimes getting crowded out by content that people passively consume, often photos and videos,” Mosseri said.

These three priorities are at the core of how Facebook organizes the News Feed:

  • Helping people see stories that they find meaningful
  • Figuring out how they can help with sharing the ‘moments that matter’
  • Facilitating conversations between friends

The big key change that is happening at Facebook is that instead of putting the emphasis on the likelihood you’re going to watch a video or read an article, Facebook is going to increase the weight on things like the likelihood a given story will facilitate a conversation between you and your friends.

In the end, Facebook will push content that creates engagement. This is the type of content we should already be creating, and if you’re not — start!

Creating content you think your audience will engage in is the most important thing you can do. This not only helps more people to see your stuff, but it means you will be telling better stories that you can share with your community, anywhere, anytime.

No matter how much the News Feed changes, focus on telling great stories. You will win.

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