Social Inspiration

As we wind down a school year and begin planning for the next, who would have thought that a few photos and a few words could have school PR practitioners seeing their role differently? Certainly not me!

On April 30, I posted a quick tweet:

The information contained was a light bulb moment for me in finding a way to organize my work and my efforts better. A few weeks prior, in a moment of exhaustion, I mentioned to my superintendent that if I just had 12 sheets of chart paper and could get all departments to post their activities and events by month, I could get a better handle on my work.

For those who really know me, know that I am not a fan of chart paper exercises, as it seems that they can be where good ideas go to die. I was determined not to become a statistic.

As a school public relations practitioner who regularly uses the Four-Step Process, I knew this type of research would be instrumental to charting a new path. However, it was the evaluation of the results that caused me to tear up my communications plan and rewrite it entirely.

The night I posted that tweet, my notifications continued to sound with comments from others wanting to know more and wanting to try it. I think this activity resonated with other school PR practitioners because of its simplicity of design. It was one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” items.

Since Twitter was where it all began, I returned to Twitter two hours later to share a tutorial via thread so that others could see how I did it.

Two days later, Julie Thannum, APR, of Carroll (Texas) ISD tweeted that she tried it and she had a similar experience.

In the weeks since the initial post, I have had tweets, DMs and emails about the experience from other practitioners. That spirit of sharing in the school PR family makes me proud to be part of it. Although it can be difficult to think of starting a new project at this point in the school year, this one may just be worth it! If you try it, go ahead and tweet me; I’m @lesleybruinton.

2 Replies to “Social Inspiration”

  1. The generosity of leaders in the NSPRA community never fails to inspire me! Thank you for being one of those who loves to share and encourage!

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