Social Media Strategy Ready for Day One

Notepaper with male hand.Business brainstorming and communication marketing plan conceptNow that summer is almost upon us, it is a great time to review your social media strategy. With the day-to-day grind, it is easy to just continue doing what you have been doing on social media. However, the summer is a great time to review, evaluate and develop a plan for the upcoming school year. Also take the time to ensure that your new social media strategy aligns with the priorities of your district. This is especially important if your district priorities has changed over the last year or you have new leadership. Make sure you are ready to launch your social media strategy on Day One (the first day of school).

Here are some themes to keep in mind as you develop your new strategy:

Goals: What is your social media goal for the year? Is it to increase engagement, increase followers or both? Set specific measurable goals you can strive for this year. Be sure to check in throughout the year to see how you are doing.

Audience: Is your audience still the same as it has been in the past? Have you seen any shift to different social media channels? Spend time researching your audience members and understanding them.

Social Media Landscape: If you aren’t already, look at what other companies and organizations in your area are doing on social media. Review what other school districts do that works on social media. Think about how you could implement some of those ideas into your strategy.

Timing: What time do you get the most engagement? What can you do to post more during that time?

Photos/Videos/Live: What types of photos are getting the most engagement? What can you do more to get those types of photos and videos? Ensure every post has a graphic or video – it will increase engagement.

Paid vs. Organic: If you pay to boost content, review how the posts did compared against each other. If you aren’t paying to boost content, research how this could be effective. It is typically pretty inexpensive advertising for maximum exposure.

Once you have spent time reviewing these themes, develop your new strategy. Don’t be afraid to share the new strategy with others in your organization so they know what the priorities are for the year. Throughout the year, continually review your efforts. Take time to re-chart your course if something isn’t working.


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