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We started using Instagram in my district in 2013, but we quickly found it was effective at engaging only a few middle-school students. So we let our account lie dormant for a while.

As the audience for this platform aged and Facebook purchased and upgraded it, we saw more and more adults joining Instagram, so we decided to give it another shot this year.

Samantha Fitzgerald, a communication specialist on my team, has been posting content on our account since September, and our engagement is much better than the first go-round.

And because it’s now integrated with Facebook, we can review and respond to our Instagram interactions from our district Facebook account.

One of Instagram’s new additions, a SnapChat ripoff called Stories, has provided us with a good summer content tactic: Samantha has been running Instagram takeovers at each of our summer school locations, and it’s capturing the attention of students and adults alike.

Our Missouri neighbor, Derek Duncan, has used Instagram in Parkway. How are you using this platform for your district?

4 Replies to “Back to Instagram”

  1. Great article. We have been using Instagram almost five days a week since October and increased the audience significantly. In May, we tried multiple posts a day and even introduced caption-heavy, one-minute videos using Adobe Spark. It’s been great for connecting with middle school and high school students. Less content during the summer, obviously, but looking forward to ramping up Instagram come mid-August! Check out our page at

    1. This is great Jeremy! Does someone from the District go to all of the schools or are photos sent to you? How do you deal with student photos / permission and knowing who is on the ‘ok to photograph’ list?

  2. Nicole, Thanks for sharing this! Your 2013 middle and high school students are now in college and Instagram stories is a primary communication channel for reaching our college students. In 5-10 years, we will have sent them back to you as parents of early childhood students.

    We enjoy running fun contests (e.g. virtually decorating campus for homecoming or holidays) and giving out free t-shirts in a random drawing for participation. Video messages and “takeovers” are always popular for engagement. For marketing, our “I’m IN” college acceptance posts always perform well. Fundamentally, Instagram is about great compelling images of people and places. Quality images are key!

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