Building your Twitter following has nothing to do with numbers

It excites me to see schools embracing and maximizing the power of social media. I have seen a total shift in mindset in school districts, from complete fear and avoidance to total acceptance and domination of Twitter feeds with awesomeness! In my current role of marketing schools and helping them tell their stories, one of …


Searching for Cassandra

Cassandra’s curse doesn’t have to be yours: knowing what’s around the corner can give you the proof you need to protect your credibility.

Top Tools for Twitter Chats

Whether you're hosting a Twitter chat for your district, or joining a conversation for your own professional development, there are tools that will do the job much better than the Twitter website or app. Here is a list of the best Twitter chat tools out there.

Making Data Digestible

As a school leader, you well know that data informs our decision making on behalf of students. In a digital age, this data can be used to garner support and explain the decision-making rationale for school or system initiatives. But how do you make the data digestible on a social platform—especially when it comes to a multi-sheet …

Five Ways to Keep School District Social Media Followers Engaged During the Summer

It is hard to believe the summer of 2016 is almost here. What happened to the 2015-2016 school year? You have worked hard to build your social media presence and audience throughout the school year. How do you keep that momentum going over the summer months? Below are a five tips and strategies to keep …